Karen Ulfers & Pearl

Pearl's Story

Once there was a cute, little, white frizzy dog who lived on the Island of St. Croix. She loved the warm breezes and spent hours chasing lizards and bugs in the deep green grass. She also had a boyfriend and they were excited about their litter of puppies that were soon to arrive.

But things did not go as planned. A hurricane came through the island, destroying trees and many of the homes and businesses. The little, white frizzy dog was all alone, soaking wet, hungry and scared when humans found her. They picked her up in their arms and took her to an animal care facility where she became friends with a veterinarian who made sure she was okay. The humans dried her off and gave her as much food as she could eat, and that was a lot!

She was very scared. She did not understand what was going on.

Later, she and the other rescued cats and dogs were put into crates that were lined with bedding and had water and food bowls. “What is happening?” she wondered. She kept looking around but did not see any humans she had known on the island. She felt so alone.

The vet gave her a pill that made her sleepy. When she awoke, she was in another new place, Sarasota, Florida. She had never seen this place before and did not know any human she saw. She was shaking as she was so scared. 

Then this human woman named Foster Mom Danielle looked into her crate and while scratching the dog’s frizzy head, said, “I think I may know someone who would love to take you home. Her name is Karen and she is my sister-in-law.” 

So Foster Mom Danielle took a few pictures of the dog and sent them to Karen. Very soon Karen sent a message, “When can I come get her? I am naming her Pearl.” It was love at first sight.

Pearl soon delivered her babies and after they were weaned, Foster Mom Danielle called Karen to tell her Pearl could go home at any time. 

Karen and a good friend drove to Sarasota as fast as they could. When Karen saw Pearl the very first time, Pearl could not stop kissing Karen all over her face and neck. From that moment on, you hardly ever saw one that you did not see the other.

Karen lived alone and would be the first to tell you that she spoiled Pearl at every chance. Pearl loved to sit and watch birds and rabbits in the backyard through a big window. She would bark when anyone came to visit, but loved belly rubs and would often fall asleep by Karen on the sofa. They slept in the same bed. They traveled together. They loved each other.

Shortly after Karen retired, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. As the disease progressed, she found living alone more of a challenge than she anticipated. Karen then moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where she grew up, and of course, taking Pearl with her.

In the last few weeks, Karen’s health worsened and she died on August 18th. While she was ill, the son of one of her best friends took care of Pearl. John, his wife and family love continuing the tradition of spoiling Pearl.